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Castleblayney Cancer Society is a voluntary organisation which endeavours to support people experiencing cancer. The Society is fortunate to be funded by the very generous efforts of people in the area who organise numerous fundraising events. It is these funds which allow the society to provide the following services:

Travel Expenses

The Society recognises that cancer patients in the Castleblayney area travel extensively to receive treatment. Generally treatment is provided in Cavan General Hospital, Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital Drogheda or in Dublin Hospitals. The cost of the many journeys which people make can put great financial drain on them in addition to the stress and worry they are already experiencing as a result of their diagnosis. The treatment can also cause people to feel unwell so it is difficult to use public transport. Assistance with funding a taxi service to enable people to travel in comfort is provided by the Society.

Home Care

The disease itself or indeed the treatment for cancer can be debilitating and many people require support and practical help in their home. Generally the Public Health Nurse is involved with the person at the time and they organise homecare from the HSE. The Society, at their request, will provide funding to enhance what is already provided and the homecare can spend extra time providing assistance and care to the patient.


The Society provides some funding for families where a family member is receiving treatment for cancer. This can occur if one parent is receiving treatment and the other wishes to accompany them then the Society will assist with funding for childcare.

Nursing Care

The Society works in conjunction with the Irish Cancer Society and the Public Health Nurse to ensure that expert nursing care is available to critically ill patients and their families. These nurses support and assist families who are providing end of life care to a loved one at home. The Irish Cancer Society provide a free night nursing service and this is supplemented by the Castleblayney Cancer Society. The Society also provide funding for sessional nursing during the day if required.


The HSE provide a wide range of equipment which support people with a cancer diagnosis in their homes. However there may be some equipment required which they do not provide, therefore the Society often fund the provision of specialist equipment.


Families often experience a loss of income as a result of a cancer diagnosis. Occasionally the Society will become involved and provide assistance with the cost of fuel and other essential items.


The Society provides assistance in some cases where a patient or family member requires the support of a counselling service.

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