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The moment our mother was first diagnosed with cancer was the commencement of an emotional chapter in our lives, when hope and dread were interchangeable and joy and despair could follow each other in quick succession. Throughout it all the unobtrusive and empathetic support from the palliative care team, the Irish Cancer Society and the Castleblayney Cancer Society provided considerable strength for the family during what was a difficult time for all the family.

Our family would like to express our gratitude to the Castleblayney Cancer Society for their unflagging help and guidance throughout our mother’s illness.

Our sincere thanks to each and every one of you for all the care and kindness you gave Mum. You have been brilliant and we really appreciate all you have done. You are amazing people, doing a wonderful job. Keep up the good work. (Castleblayney family)

I wish to thank Castleblayney Cancer Society for their very generous support towards the care of my late Mother.  It was very much appreciated and far beyond what we expected.  God bless you all for your great work.             (Patient's daughter)

I was unemployed when my wife was diagonsed with breast cancer.  It felt like the world was falling in around us, we were devastated that the treatment after her operation required we would have to travel to Drogheda regularly for chemotherapy, when this was completed, she then had to go to Dublin for radiotherapy.  We were worried about her diagnosis, she was so sick after the treatment and we had so little money.  The support of Castlebleblayney Cancer Society helped us with the cost of travel and made what was a sad difficult time easier to cope with.  My wife is doing well and it is two years since her surgery.  We will never forget the support that we received from the Cancer Society at what was the most difficult time in our families life.  (Local family)

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